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Vol. 43 - No. 4
Lech Madeyski, Mirosław Ochodek - Introduction to the Special Issue on Software Engineering Methods, Tools and Products Improvement and Evaluation
Grace Kamulegeya, Raymond Mugwanya, Regina Hebig - Measurements in the Early Stage Software Start-ups: A Multiple Case Study in a Nascent Ecosystem
Miroslaw Staron, Wilhelm Meding, Ola Söder, Magnus Bäck - Measurement and Impact Factors of Speed of Reviews and Integration in Continuous Software Engineering
Antonio Vetrò, Rupert Dürre, Marco Conoscenti, Daniel Mèndez Fernàndez, Magne Jørgensen - Combining Data Analytics with Team Feedback to Improve the Estimation Process in Agile Software Development
Łukasz Radliński - Predicting Aggregated User Satisfaction in Software Projects
Narimane Zighed, Nora Bounour, Abdelhak-Djamel Seriai - Comparative Analysis of Object-Oriented Software Maintainability Prediction Models
Bogumiła Hnatkowska, Paweł Woroniecki - Universal Framework For OWL2 Ontology Transformations