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Vol. 45 - No. 1
Ayrton Benedito Gaia Do Couto, Luiz Flavio Autran Monteiro Gomes - Sovereign Rating Analysis through the Dominance-Based Rough Set Approach
Maciej Komosiński, Tomasz Żok - Morality, protection, security and gain: lessons from a minimalistic, economically inspired multi-agent model
Juan Francisco Carrascoza Mayen, Jacek Błażewicz - Recent Results on Computational Molecular Modeling of The Origins of Life
Wojciech Wojciechowicz, Michaël Gabay - Scheduling High Multiplicity Coupled Tasks
Vol. 45 - No. 2
German Cuaya-Simbro, Alberto-Isaac Perez-Sanpablo, Angélica Muñoz-Meléndez, Ivett Quiñones Uriostegui, Eduardo-F. Morales-Manzanares, Lidia Nuñez-Carrera - Comparison of Machine Learning Models to Predict Risk
Krzysztof Hałas, Eugeniusz Krysiak, Tomasz Hałas, Sławomir Stępień - Numerical Solution of SDRE Control Problem – Comparison of the Selected Methods
Pikul Puphasuk, Jeerayut Wetweerapong - An enhanced differential evolution algorithm with adaptation of switching crossover strategy for continuous optimization
Vadim Romanuke - Division-by-q dichotomization for interval uncertainty reduction by cutting off equal parts from the left and right based on expert judgments under short-termed observations
Vol. 45 - No. 3
Vol. 45 - No. 4
Maciej A. Czyżewski, Artur Laskowski, Szymon Wąsik - Chessboard and Chess Piece Recognition With the Support of Neural Networks
Jan Mizgajski, Adrian Szymczak Mikołaj Morzy, Łukasz Augustyniak, Piotr Szymański, Piotr Żelasko - Return on Investment in Machine Learning: Crossing the Chasm between Academia and Business
Olayinka Mohammed Olabanji, Khumbulani Mpofu - Fusing Multi-Attribute Decision Models for Decision Making to Achieve Optimal Product Design
Manish Kumar Roy, Ishwer Shivakoti , Ruben Phipon, Ashis Sharma - A Holistic Approach to Polymeric Material Selection for Laser Beam Machining using Methods of DEA and TOPSIS