Title: "Trustworthy Online Shopping with Price Impact"
Authors: Jędrzej Musiał, Mario C. Lopez-Loces
Pages: 121-136
DOI: 10.1515/fcds-2017-0005

Internet shopping is one of the main pillars of electronic commerce. According to the literature, the Internet Shopping Optimization Problem (ISOP) has been defined in order to optimize the global cost of online purchase, taking into account both the cost of products and shipping. In this study, it was decided to propose and analyze a very interesting, and really substantial, extension of the ISOP. Namely, trust factors were subjected to careful analysis from the customer point of view. The analysis is based on a specially prepared questionnaire, supplemented by the information from the literature and our own observations. Thus, it was possible to propose a definition of a new mathematical model of the problem, and to prove its affiliation to the class of strongly NP-hard problems. In addition, the heuristic algorithm is proposed, which can be used to solve the problem.

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